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   Welcome to the official site of apparition3d, LLC. According to Webster, an apparition is a ghostly figure. So just what exactly is apparition3d, LLC? Well some of it is a secret, but without giving away too much we can say that it is simply a light projection system that creates a shadow on a rear screen projection surface. When the viewer looks at the shadow from the opposite side of the screen wearing red and blue 3D glasses, the shadow appears to come out at you.

   So essentially apparition3d, LLC is a 3D shadow projection system (patent pending), and it is really cool. Believe us, when people see this, they tend to freak out, but what is even cooler is just what kind of people and things that are on the other side making the shadows happen. It might be a creepy snake or a spider, or it might be a scary monster or a sultry female figure. In fact the creative applications are nearly endless. The best part is the fun. Go ahead and check it out.

   So far we have seen useful applications of apparition3d with haunted houses, burlesque, live music acts, science museums, and a take home version is available for all kinds of family fun.

Notice: Like live theater or Broadway, 3D shadows are best seen live. We want to provide for you a way to see the effect right here on this web site if you are viewing with red and blue 3D glasses, however, in all honesty, it will never be as cool as seeing the effect live. We have also observed that seeing a video of the effect works better on a computer screen or high quality LCD/plasma monitor. The most inferior way to see the effect is on a NTSC television screen. This is due to the way NTSC degrades the purity of the color signal. We recommend that you do not attempt to view this effect on a standard television


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